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Online Event Registration & Management

Event Registration

  • Create an event of any type (sports, conference, music, brewfests, lessons, and much much more)
  • Advertise it to a website, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.
  • Participants login to the site, register for the event (sign liability forms or other documentation)
  • Event manager receives the total fees collected monthly

Event Tickets

  • Create an event
  • Purchasers select how many tickets they want to purchase
  • Tickets are attached to a message emailed to purchaser
  • Purchaser prints the ticket off and shows it at the event
  • Similar to registration - manager receives the ticket sale revenue collected monthly

Get Started

Simple, efficient, and may be used for any event.
SignupKit.com is completely free for event managers to create their events.
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Increase the participation for your event and simplify the registration process by setting up your event on SignupKit.
As a free service, we can also setup your event and manage the online process for you.
Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback, or need help with your event.

Thank you for visiting SignupKit and we look forward to helping you manage your event in Style!

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